Thermal Imagery

Thermal Imagery
Our company performs thermal camera examinations in order to analyse energy efficiency and defects of the building itself, the plumbing and electrical systems and equipment. Thermal diagnostics enables us to explore and find heat loss points and hidden defects of energy systems.
Specific areas of thermal imagery:

Thermal analysis of buildings:

  • mapping building structures in general
  • mapping points and surfaces of heat loss
  • finding insulation defects, identify gaps
  • detection of air-loss problems
  • moisture and condensation testing
  • identification of thermal bridges

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) related applications of the methodology:

  • diagnostics of boilers rooms, heat substations, heating systems
  • mapping and diagnosing pipe systems running in walls

Analysis of buildings’ electrical utilities:

  • distribution board/switching cabinet testing
  • examination of electrical networks
  • mapping overloads, warming; binding error detection